Life Coach

My journey through life has been one of the most interesting and frustrating things I have ever done. I now find myself living a humble yet incredibly satisfying life with my wife and daughter in Cape Town, South Africa.

My earlier years saw the cultivation of my love for the art of magic which gave me great insights into people. I still perform professionally when I have the chance and it is always such a wonderful experience to see adults allowing their inner child to roam free. Even if it is just for a short while.

I have a passion for coaching and seeing people achieve the goals they never thought were possible. I have assumed the role of coach in a sporting environment, as Kitesurfing and Karate instructor long before my business coaching career started. This naturally gave me some fantastic insights into what makes people succeed and others not. More importantly the realization that success takes on many different guises and forms. For example when a naturally gifted student completes a difficult technique it does not necessarily equal achievement. Whereas that same technique being attempted by a handicapped athlete is an immense achievement requiring guts and self belief and the strength of character to never believe in failure.  My passion for coaching then led me to coach within the corporate environment where I was employed as a coach by one of the largest Gas Companies in the world. This gave me great insight into corporate dynamics, organizational change and how we can effect culture change within an organization.

Having been trained as a Results coach my coaching methodology is based on Neuroscience. This has proved not only to be scientifically sound but also creates an improved and accelerated time frame in which goals can be realistically achieved. From a corporate perspective this is no doubt vital in terms of performance based coaching.

My experience in the corporate environment and my collaboration with Mark my friend and business partner has led to the creation of a unique coaching model specifically designed for our corporate clients. So with great excitement I currently find myself burning the midnight oil whilst finishing the book so that we can contribute another valuable resource to our clients and management across the globe.

As I am also the co-founder of  my time is extremely precious, and often my time is dedicated to ensuring that this site is maintained and offers its users a world class experience.

Coaching is a way of life for me and I am very grateful that I led a colorful life before embarking on this journey. Were it not for all my failures and successes on my life’s path, I would never have been able to serve my clients with the knowledge that has been gifted to me.

Humbly I look forward to the road ahead and welcome all that life has to offer. I also would like to thank my wife for blessing me with a beautiful daughter and patience and understanding. Without her none of this would be possible.

Sieko Skrzypczak