What is Coachingwarehouse?

Coachingwarehouse is a website designed as a resource for everything coaching. We offer coaches a place to showcase themselves on our world class directory. It also gives our coaching community access to the latest coaching tools and technology innovations to enhance your coaching practice. We have created a site that is relevant and up to date, informing you of events in your area and giving you access to world-class seminars.


For those wanting to explore a career in coaching, we have partnered with accredited coaching course providers across the globe. You can now access the best coaching programs from across the world.


Are you looking to enhance your business and grow your earnings? On Coachingwarehouse we will connect you with the expertise that will transform your practice. From website development to marketing tips and services we have it all. We have even created a platform for you to create and share your own products and sell them to the coaching community.


If you still have questions then please connect with us on info@coachingwarehouse.com so we can assist.


What makes our coach directory different?

We are proud to bring you the most advanced coaching directory on the planet. We have invested an enormous amount of time creating a directory that is user-friendly and makes sense.  Our directory has some key features that are really important in terms of successfully marketing yourself as a coach. We have focused on aligning technology and marketing to give you as a coach the best chance of connecting with the right clients. Some key features are:

  • An interactive directory that is integrated with Google maps.
  • Advanced search function allowing clients to search by:
    • Keyword search
    • Type of coach i.e. life / executive / recovery etc…
    • Proximity search – allows users to find coaches within a radius of a given location
  • Directions to your office via Google map integration
  • Featured profile:
    • Unlimited keyword tags ( the best way for your clients to find you )
    • Enhanced SEO
    • Google Analytics stats

What else do we offer?



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