uact_logo_recovery_coaching_professional_body Who is the training for
“For anyone in the recovery field, the U-ACT training is an innovative new approach to healing people’s lives that is unlike any other training.  Utilizing a dynamic approach to learning that blends both process and content, the U-ACT training offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience that has been referred to as “pure Recovery genius”.   If you’re ready to learn, be challenged, and reap valuable rewards for life, the U-ACT training is a must for anyone in the recovery field.” The U-ACT Recovery Coaching course is for those interested in becoming actively involved in serving as a Recovery Coach.  A U-ACT Recovery Coach is anyone interested in promoting sustained recovery & building #RecoveryCapital by removing barriers and obstacles to long-term recovery and wellness, and serving as a personal accountability partner for people seeking, or already in, recovery.  The training will provide participants a comprehensive overview of the tools, techniques, purpose and tasks of a Recovery Coach and will explain the various roles played by a Recovery Coach. The training will provide participants with knowledge and resources useful in providing recovery support services and emphasizes the skills needed to link people in recovery to much needed support within the community that promote recovery.   Coaches will understand the role that they are able to fulfill to the individual, the family and community as well as within organisations.  The training is challenging and exciting on a personal and professional level!

Recovery Coaching is about:

  • Rebuilding #RecoveryCapital in the physical, mental, emotional, social & spiritual areas of life.
  • Developing a personalised recovery plan in line with unique goals, dreams & aspirations.
  • Setting realisable, long-term goals and developing short-term action plans to achieve them within predetermined time frames.
  • Identifying harmful triggers that could result in lapse or relapse, and learning to deal with these issues in daily life with the use of forward-focused and solutions-driven tools and techniques.
  • Learning about the physiological and neurological elements of substance and behavioural abuse disorders, and what the major causes of addiction.
  • Understanding and challenging faulty, habitual thought patterns & behaviours, and replacing them with improved ways of dealing with potentially difficult situations.
  • Establishing realistic, personal boundaries to build strong, interdependent relationships within one’s personal and professional life.
  • Finding the answers to our personal truth and living an empowered, authentic life.
  • Working in a collaborative, accountable relationship with the client to achieve a more balanced, holistic approach to long-term wellness.
  • Creating a safe space to explore possibilities and the availability of personal and community resources to aid sustained recovery.
What Recovery Coaching is NOT about:

  • Being sick…in the coaching space the client is a well person who is best able to develop their own recovery plan.
  • Treating addiction…recovery coaching operates within the wellness and positive psychology paradigm and is not addiction treatment, but an adjunct service that can be highly effective is assisting those with substance abuse and addictive behaviour disorders.
  • Dwelling in the past and the causes of addiction…it’s about moving forward in a solutions’-driven, goal-orientated way, while acknowledging what brought the individual to this point in their life.
  • Giving advice and answers to questions…the client has all the answers they need inside themselves.
  • Being told what to do and how to do it…the long-term goals the client chooses and short-term plans they make will be their own.
  • Holding onto guilt, shame & anger…it’s about letting go of the past, embracing a set of spiritual principles and learning to live in the present and expressing emotions in a mature, adult space.

For more information about the Recovery Coach Training call Leigh-Anne or Attie +27 11 728-9200 or email us about this life-changing training!! For more information on the scheduled training for 2017 please click here!