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This category is for coaches that specialize in helping people get through their addiction.

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    Transformational Parenting

    Professional Accreditation: Yes
    Professional Accreditation Details::

    BA Psychology (Unisa)
    Trauma Counselling (RAU)
    Neuro Linguistic Programming(Evolved Coaching)
    Life Coaching (Evolved Coaching)
    Hypnotherapy (Evolved Coaching)
    Stress Biofeedback (HeartMath Institute)
    Time Paradigm Techniques (Evolved Coaching)
    The Demartini Method (Demartini Institute)

    Do you want to raise an unlimited child? Then you first need to raise an unlimited you! By living authentically and loving yourself you inspire the people around you, particularly the children in your life, to do the same. My name is Mia Von Scha, and I am a Transformational Read more [...]

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    Professional Accreditation: Yes

    “The real journey is who our clients become as a result of the personal journey underlying their actions and performance driving.” Wildcats are a virtual team of qualified and experienced professionals.  We are certified Coaches, internationally accredited with the International Coaching Federation.  We offer leadership, adventure, team and performance coaching Read more [...]