The world that you see is the one that you are creating. We’re all taking in far more information than we can consciously process and so the world we end up seeing is the one we’ve generalized down to based on our belief systems and the most common thoughts running through our minds. Take note of the dominant questions that you ask yourself regularly and see how changing these can alter your very reality.

Do you constantly ask yourself things like: “How am I going to make it through this day?” or “Why are there not enough hours in the day?” or maybe “Why didn’t I enjoy my life more before I had kids?” or perhaps even “When are these kids going to grow up and get out of my hair?”

In each of these questions is the assumption that life is not great right now, and if that is what you’re focusing on, that is what you’re going to create.
Can you see how your world could be different if you were asking these questions instead: “How can I make today even more fun that it already is?” or “How can I enjoy every second with my kids and still follow my dreams even more that I already am?” or perhaps even “How can I be even more present and accepting of every single moment exactly as it is?”

There are intended grammatical errors in these questions – we are not comparing how life is to what we want (and therefore finding our present moment lacking), but implying that we already have everything we want to see in our worlds (which we do if we know how to look for it!).

Watch your thinking, particularly the questions you are asking, and help your kids to do the same. All suffering in life comes from problematic thought patterns. Life just is, and then we judge it internally as good bad, acceptable or not. If you are constantly focusing on what you don’t want, or asking questions ridden with negative assumptions, then the life you’re creating is going to be quite a drag and you’re going to teach your kids to create in a similar way.

The questions we ask shape our reality by telling our unconscious minds what it is we’re looking for out there in the world. Ask the right questions, focus on the positive and notice that the world is already an awesome, incredible, fun, abundant, exciting, fulfilling, joyous place to be (if you now how to look at it).

If you’d like to find out more about how you are creating your own reality and why living in the present is the only way to create true happiness for yourself and your kids, give me a call!

This article is reprinted here from Transformational Parenting with permission from the author.