Why I do what I do… I believe that so many entrepreneurs struggle to discover a way to lead their business in the most effective way. Many struggle to reap the reward they deserve for the effort they put in and feel trapped in a ‘job’ rather than running a business. Many businesses become over managed and under led, being managed using outdated command and control methods and techniques that just don’t work in today’s fast paced world.  Many business owners are struggling to achieve outstanding results feeling stressed, overwhelmed and unhappy; the fun has evaporated from their business. I’m sure you’ll agree with me, not a great formula for success! I’m on a mission to change that and teach business owners and leaders how to CREATE A HIGH PERFORMANCE BUSINESS WHERE SUCCESS IS INEVITABLE.  I’m doing that by teaching business owners and their managers how to awaken possibility in people to deliver extraordinary results. I’m a family man at heart and love living with my gorgeous partner Nicola in the most beautiful countryside of Cheshire in the UK.  Our children have grown and flown the nest and we enjoy seeing them travel their journey. We created our businesses around our passions and what we love doing.  So making a difference, travel, adventure and learning all formed part of our solution. My partner is a transformational coach working with Mums in business and we both play an active part in our businesses. As you’ll see in my corporate speaking video below I’m on a quest to change the way organisations are led and that includes start up and fast growth businesses. My approach is teaching entrepreneurs and their managers how to use the latest leadership approaches, pragmatic tools and simple techniques. My aim is to make my learning available for smaller fast growth businesses. Having developed over 65,000 leaders over a 22 year period I’ve learnt what great leaders actually do on a day to day basis… their routines and mindsets. I know the tools they use to craft great outcomes. Tools and ideas designed to support you in honing your business and leadership skills to ensure you IMPROVE BUSINESS RESULTS, REDUCE STRESS, EARN MORE INCOME, HAVE MORE FUN AND GIVE YOU THE LIFE YOU DESERVE.  


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