screen-shot-2017-01-06-at-10-47-14-amMy father passed away in a tragic fishing accident 37 years ago today, 6 days after his 42nd birthday. I really wanted to share his legacy that lives on in me, with you, to honor his life.
Is that ok with you?
My dad was the life and soul of the party. His company serviced the Rock N Roll Industry in the 60’s and 70’s, so without too much detail, you can pretty much guess what he got up to. If you’ve watched the TV Show “Family Ties”, my family were a little bit like that, with me as the Michael J Fox character.
This very day 37 years ago, dad had been out fishing (smoking the wacky backy), went missing and eventually the police found his body washing up onto the shoreline of a northern beach in New Zealand.
We suspected murder because the tides would not have naturally washed him up on that beach. But the official report said death by drowning even though he was a very experienced and well-known diver in my home country of NZ.
Needless to say, I and my two brothers and mother were totally devasted when 3 big policeman rocked on up to the front door of the Hippy Tree house we lived in. The house shook like crazy as it was built around big tree trunk poles.
We thought it might be a drug bust, because dad grew his own dope. But there were no dogs.
As mum went to answer the door, it began to dawn on us that something tragic was about to befall us. Everything started to go in slow motion.
Driving to the funeral on a very hot summer’s morning, I saw a woman in shorts mowing the lawn. And I thought to myself…

“Look at her. Something tragic must have happened in her life. And here she is just getting on with her life.”

As devastated as I was. I knew I was going to be ok and that I would get on with my life.
Prior to the funera,l we had an open casket day as is traditional in Maori culture (My parents are both European Maori blends I guess you could say. In some cultures they call that mixed race), though you’d never think it looking at me being so fair and blonde.
All my friends and family members gathered around the open casket chatting to my dad. Letting him know how much he had impacted our lives, and that we were going to miss him.
The Peace rose bush that my mother had planted in the garden, began to bloom that day after 2 years of nothing. This was significant as mum and dad both bought their favorite rose bush variety and planted them next to each other. While dad’s rose bush always bloomed loud and red, mum’s never did – Until this day.
We all agreed the blooming Peace Rose was Dad’s Spirit letting us know he was ok and he was with us.
My dad went to art school and was an amazing painter, classical music buff, rock n roll fan, experienced diver, and activist in marine conservation. He loved Carlos Casdeneda and the band Santana. I named my beloved cat Santana so dad could call out the name each night off our balcony, calling Santana in for dinner.
Dad was also a big believer in continuing education. Several months before his tragic passing, we were having a conversation about my future. And he said to me,

“Never stop educating yourself. People who continue their education have more choices and a better quality of life.”

I’ve carried that education legacy forward even becoming an educator myself. Every step of my journey in life, if something wasn’t working out or I didn’t know what to do, I’d go out and get some more education on the matter.
From personal development courses to business growth seminars and coaching, I’ve used education as my path to freedom and happiness – Thanks to my father.
I’m going to be launching my Mission Mastery Academy officially, in a few weeks, in his honor.
Peter Graham Rippon
1938 – 1981
[Experpt from his book]
“To the Ocean. Mother of All Life”.
Ironically it was the Ocean that took his human body.
Never stop getting educated folks. You’ll have more choices and a better quality of life.
How I’ve learned to balance investment in education and coaching programs, is to ask this question of myself before I invest….

“What is my next best step?”

When I know that, I know the type of education or coaching I need to help me take those steps, bridge the gap in my knowledge, and improve my odds at succeeding.
Feel free to use that question to help you discover what you need to invest in next, to increase your options and improve your life and business.
Thanks so much for reading all the way to the end.
I really appreciate it. I think when we share these moments together, it makes us connect more and feel closer to each other. That goes a long way to creating more peace and harmony around the world. Which happens to be my Life’s Mission.
“I’ve come to this planet to help create Peace On Earth, by teaching people how to align to the Harmonious Undefeatable Lores Of Nature, thus ending unhealthy competition and restoring balance, so humanity can reach its Magnificent Potential!”
How appropriate that Mum’s Peace rose finally bloomed on the day of my Father’s open casket memorial.
His Legacy lives on in me, as I create my legacy by helping you build yours.
Much Love & Peace to you this day.
6th January 2017
Nicola Grace
Your Mission Mentor