Life coaching is often confused with mentoring, consulting and other forms of advice. So for the sake of clarity we could define life coaching simply as a process whereby a coach and a coachee explore the personal aspects of an individuals life. The coach in turn facilitates this exploration with the coachee. There is no limitation as to what may be explored but the fundamental issue is that the coachee decides what area of his/her life is to be explored. Therein lies the fundamental difference between coaching and mentoring because the coachee holds the agenda and self-explores the area in question, as opposed to the mentor or counselor who gives advice and possibly holds an agenda. So if you are self exploring then why the hell do you need a coach? Well the answer is quite simple. It is often difficult to see the bottlenecks, short-comings and faults in your own life when you are stuck. We have all heard the expression can’t see the wood for the trees. For example it is easy for us to give other people advice on a range of topics and we can “see” all the solutions. At the same time we can’t understand why something that is so obvious to us is so difficult for the other person to see. This is exactly where a coach comes in. They are an objective outside party with no agenda that is there to support you. They will help you explore things within your own life that may not be so obvious at first glance to you. Once you have pinpointed an area within your life that you would like to develop, your coach will help you achieve the goals that you set. This is done by motivating you, supporting you and holding you accountable for you. The life coach will check in with you at predetermined intervals and make sure you are still focused on your goal. Each life coach will have different levels of experience and approaches so it is very important to literally shop around a little and find the right coach for you. In order to get the most out of your coaching sessions you need to work with someone that you trust and whom you can have a honest conversation with. Life coaching can be one of the most rewarding experiences when you start seeing the shift in yourself. When goals that you once thought were just dreams start becoming reality.