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“Nicola is a master at helping people discover the universal creative genius within and integrating that with practical and proven business strategies to create a winning blueprint for the social entrepreneur. I highly recommend you become part of her global taskforce of changemakers like me.”

– Nikki Clifton, Transformation Events Designer & Social Entrepreneur From cancer to making history saving a billion dollar industry from ruin, award winning strategist and best selling author Nicola Grace, helps Social Entrepreneurs clarify and monetize their mission so they can leave a legacy. Nicola’s Intuitive Visionary strategy skills have made her the secret weapon of politicians, business owners, social entrepreneurs, social innovators, thought leaders and an entire industry body. More-Better-Nicola-Grace-2As An Author, Nicola’s expert insights appear in the best seller, Ready Aim Captivate: Put Magic in Your Message and a Fortune In Your Future, along with other world leading visionaries Deepak Chopra and Jim Stovall. She features as one of the Celebrity Experts in More.Better: The World’s Leading Experts Reveal How to Get More Out of Business and Life With Better Results published by CelebrityPress and was inducted into the American Best Sellers Hall of Fame in 2013. Her signature book Discover What You Are Here To Do forms the basis of everything she teaches – that when we on mass transition from making money for the sake of money, to making money by making a bigger difference, we will accelerate the positive transformation of the world.  

How Fear And Excuses Sabotage Your Mission And Purpose

How Fear And Excuses Sabotage Your Mission And Purpose



And What To Do When Your Excuses Become Self Sabotage

Nick Vujicic is an inspirational man with no legs or hands who make’s no excuses for being about his Life’s Mission. He just get’s on with what he’s here to do.

This morning I woke up feeling like crap. I attended a powerful conference over the weekend and hadn’t integrated it properly. So I was lying in bed curled up like an emotional ball of blahhhhhh! Very unusually for me as I mostly wake up in the morning feeling like a box of birds.

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